Thursday, July 28, 2011

Play Free Angry Birds Game On Chrome Web Browser

Somebody's know about angry birds.It is worlds most popular game for mobile phones and smart phones nowadays its available for pc also.But did you know now this is avialble as a plug-in chrome browser.

To know more about angry birds visit this link

You did not play angry birds before .It's most interesting game.,
i recommend you please try it once
Now play Free Angry Birds game on your chrome Browser  itself and absolutely free of cost. The chrome web store make a good move, so that we can play angry birds games and lots of other games too  its awesome too see angry birds game on the chrome browser. The google chrome is rocking these days with more features.


Just visit

and click install (Note:- You'll need Google Chrome to install )

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Start Faster" Addon For Firefox Makes Loading Time Faster By 2x

In my quest to get the fastest possible experience with our beloved Firefox web-browser here we have another trick to get upto 2x faster start-up of Firefox on Windows OS, Firefox addon "Start Faster" does exactly what it's name suggests making use of some clever tinkering with core OS "prefetch" functionality to make the web-browser loading time faster.

Firefox Load Time Before Using "Start Faster"
Firefox Load Time After Using "Start Faster"
Firefox Load Time Benchmark After Optimization 
Author description :
A large proportion of our startup time is spent on loading the Firefox library(.dll, etc) files. This is true on all of our platforms. In my previous post I thought I discovered a way to load the Firefox binaries more efficiently on Windows(bug 627591). Further testing revealed that to not be true in all cases and that the Windows Prefetch service was still killing our startup speed. Microsoft does not seem to provide a way to opt out of the Windows Prefetch ‘service’.
There is a DIY way to opt out of prefetch by gaining Administrator privileges and deleting files out of the prefetch directory. Our is plan is to provide a Windows service to handle Firefox updates (bug 481815). Additionally the service would be able to do useful things like delete prefetch files, defragment Firefox databases(or at least help report on fragmentation levels).
This is all tricky stuff.
In the meantime, to test my theory I wrote a test extension. This is a restartless extension that adds a Windows service and a wrapper executable to significantly speed up Firefox startup after rebooting (oh the irony!). After installing the extension, “Faster Firefox” shortcut on the Desktop should result in up to 2x speed up in Firefox startup. This addon is a rough proof of concept to play with while I bake this functionality into Firefox. Comments, improvements are welcome. Note that launching Firefox by shortcuts other “Faster Firefox” is slower while this extension is installed (this will be fixed once preloading functionality is integrated into Firefox properly). This addon does not yet work on XP because I do not yet have an XP enviroment to test/develop in (patches are welcome).
Download : Startup Faster
Note :-   This is Works with Firefox 4.0b10pre - 4.0.*

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Preview Text in VariousFonts Installed on your Computer All At Once

When ever I sit down to design something on any applications like Photo-shop, the very first time consuming thing is selection of fonts. It is true that fonts are the integral part of Web designing & Graphics and choosing the best from thousands of fonts installed on our computer by selecting each one by one and looking which looks perfect, It’s a very time consuming task.
The problem is not only mine. Most of the designer waste lots of time in picking up the unique and beautiful fonts for their design.  I found a new service which lets you clearly preview all the fonts installed on your computer. is a free and simple web based tool that previews all the fonts it finds on your computer. The service is very easy-to-use. Suppose you have to make a logo for your new website then you just have to open and enter your blog name. It scans your computer for all the available fonts and preview the text (Blog Name) in fonts installed on your computer all at once. Look at the below image.

The preview size can be adjusted and you can also see it in positive and negative. You can pick the ones you like and filter them out from the rest to fine tune you selection. Now I’m going to use this tool whenever I’ll need to make a new logo for my websites. This tool will make the lives of designers a bit better.


Use " WOT for blogs" in Wordpress and Blogger

You would know about WOT (Web of Trust) Firefox Addon, if not, it’s safe surfing tool that tells you which websites or links you should trust when you search, shop and surf on the Web. Now WOT Addon has been using by thousands of people.(I already post WOT for Mozilla) Till now, WOT was only available for browsers and shows reputation ratings with Traffic-light rating symbols. Now ‘WOT for Blogs’ Plugin for Word-press or code for blogger has just been launched by WOT.
‘WOT for Blogs’ is a WordPress plugin adds WOT reputation symbols to posts and comments on your blog keeping you and your readers safe from any untrustworthy external links.

By default, only outgoing links in posts and comments have the WOT rating symbols added to them but you can add your CSS selector in the plugin editor to get rating symbols to appear in different places.


Install this extension if you’re using Word-press Platform and if you want to keep your users safe from any potentially malicious/untrustworthy links. If you’re using blogger platform you can add WOT ratings to your blogger blog too. Check out this Official Blog Post of WOT Blog.


We created a sample blog that shows how to add the widget to your Blogger pages.
1. Click the "Customize" link on your blog.
2. Click the "Edit HTML" link on the Layout page.
3. Scroll down the "Edit Template" field until you find the </head> tag.
4. Copy and paste the following snippet just before the tag:

<script type="text/javascript">
var wot_rating_options = {
selector: ".post-body a[href], .comment-body a[href]"
<script type="text/javascript"

This adds ratings to your blog posts and user comments. If you only want to show them for user comments, set the selector option to ".comment-body a[href]".


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Create Your Own Drive For Your Folder

Hi.........Yes we can create our own drive using our folder

If you have any folder which contains your personal files (ex:- E:/personal )  or create your own folder which u want.
Now Click Start----> Run----------> Cmd  now Command prompt opened for You Type 

Subst { Drive Letter You want } { Folder path }         ------------>   Ex:-   Subst H: E:/personal

press enter..

Now Go to My Computer Your new Drive is shown.

To Remove a Drive Go To command prompt  and Type

Subst { Drive Letter } /d             ---------------------> Ex:-   Subst H: /d

press enter

To Place This Drive your My Computer Permanently Just Go To C:/ and find autoexec.bat Open this file With Notepad and paste above code (  Subst { Drive Letter You want } { Folder path } ) save and close.

Note :-   
(i)  autoexec.bat File is default hidden file so find this by enabling view hidden files and folders option.
(ii) You cannot subst network drives
(iii) You cannot see this drive in Disk management.

Comments are welcome..........